My fully rendered Cad image.
I'm really pleased with what I have self-taught.
My personal targets for this project, becoming comfortable and navigating around adobe suit and a cad program ( Fusion 360) have far exceeded what I first hoped.
I am pleased with the results of my photographed image and then how I manipulated it in Photoshop, to add context.
the tools I have learnt to use in cad will stand me in good stead for future design projects and add a different perspective and widen my manufacture and material usage.
I have also achieved the target of working with different professionals within the university to achieve goals.
Ben has helped with my Fusion learning, and Antony and Pete have both helped massively with stretching my knowledge taught by Nick.
Also, i have generally improved my digital resilience, for example, the general lack of swearing at the plotter was massively reduced.
and in the main working successfully between different apps and programs.
All this I consider a massive achievement considering I was asking for the on switch last October in year one.