Finished concept image.
I have located my pod [which has been assembled using photoshop] in a conceptual environment, illustrating a chaotic environment.

The pod because of the muted colours signifies calm.

The materials used are natural Bamboo and fabrics, made out of sustainably sourced minerals, and textiles.

The minerals embedded in the fabric (tourmaline) are known for there magnetic shielding qualities.

Great image making Jayne... there’s a lot of work from the photo shoot to create images at the various angles. Well done. I wonder whether your product the pod could be made more prominent as the orange recliner is the main focus. Great work, all the elements are there.

I think your right with that observation. if i was to do it again i would chose different canvas for the pod.

the chose was made because of the calm colours. however, for photography purposes a brighter colour would have been much more effective. i could of communicated the message of relaxation through the use of muted coloured props.

.... one for next time! It’s still a great image.

Thank you. Ill take that one ;-)