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My final video showing my processes and skills I have developed throughout this project. I have enjoyed spending time learning new skills in the workshop and being introduced to lots new ways to create a final product.


Development of my seating sculpture shown in situ.
I tried to show the design at different points of the image- changing the size of it to look closer/further away. I also adapted the drop shadow in the blending options to try and get the shadow facing the same way as the trees, making it look more realistic. I picked this image as the people on the grass allow you to see the actual scale of the full model.


In order to make my scaled down seating sculpture more realistic I chose to add a pigment into the plaster mix which would affect its colour. As I was adding the mix I liked the way the colour wasn't fully mixed with the plaster as it created wavy patterns similar to in concrete.

I also discussed with the workshop technicians how I could improve this and they suggested using a powder which is coated over the mould prior to the plaster, which over time would make the surface of the plaster look weathered- something that would fit my design as it is to be placed in outdoor situations.

Revealing my final cast - some parts leaked slightly during the drying process, however once fully dried I will sand these down to produce a smooth surface finish.

The advantages of the vina-mould is that I can reuse this to produce the exact shape if numerous products were needed for mass production


Images from the process of making a mould from vina-mould. I had many different challenge's from getting the initial plaster form right, to having to re-cast my final product to get it more accurate. However I have learnt a huge amount about the process of moulding and have enjoyed learning the many different skills needed for this process to be successful.

My final product was coated in a powder to give the seating sculpture a metallic/outdoor surface finish- something that will enhance on the plaster overtime.

Links from my instagram page- used for documenting my processes

Good to see that the Instagram links bring with them the embedded image as well.

Links from my instagram page

Hi Alfie, good use of tags to make your content discoverable. They provide some descriptive info but do not really tell us what it is we’re looking at. What did you learn and how will you use this skill in the future?