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Getting there!
reworking the base/stand, worked.

pleased that I've had the opportunity to redo this model as I've proved to myself that with use, speed on the software is coming...this will help in future projects and when I'm working with cad over Xmas at jewellers.

I'm really enjoying using the software, this is important to me! because it was an aspect of the degree I was looking forward to mastering, I can see the benefits in conjunction with quick modelling.

if I had had these skills at the start of the project I can see how the project could have been better, and gone more smoothly and worked through problems of build much more smoothly and with fewer material resources.


Only one thing for it! start again


some massive learning curbs going on hear.

My cad model isn't working because my initial measurements are the base rather than where the poles are placed.
I'm learning that when transferring measurements into cad there is no room for mistakes.
also, the angles of angled parts are a problem as I am placing them into the document.

start again!
Not sure if this is already uploaded, hay ho... tell me if it is.
I'm struggling to upload the three other videos i've made

Hi Jayne, this has uploaded fine. I think these movies from screenshots demonstrate that you’re working with the software but I think a set of static images of the digital output would be more appropriate, immediate in their communication. The aim should be to create a set of drawings by which a 3rd party can manufacture your product. This would be a professional communication that demonstrates a high level of resolution... complete and considered output. Keep up the good work.


That's better!
Just got the rest to assemble now....
where is the battery pack?!

Does anyone else find the upload of images and posts in general offputtingly slow?

I haver to refresh a few times for them to come up


Fusion 360 is breaking my head!


Finished concept image.
I have located my pod [which has been assembled using photoshop] in a conceptual environment, illustrating a chaotic environment.

The pod because of the muted colours signifies calm.

The materials used are natural Bamboo and fabrics, made out of sustainably sourced minerals, and textiles.

The minerals embedded in the fabric (tourmaline) are known for there magnetic shielding qualities.

Great image making Jayne... there’s a lot of work from the photo shoot to create images at the various angles. Well done. I wonder whether your product the pod could be made more prominent as the orange recliner is the main focus. Great work, all the elements are there.

I think your right with that observation. if i was to do it again i would chose different canvas for the pod.

the chose was made because of the calm colours. however, for photography purposes a brighter colour would have been much more effective. i could of communicated the message of relaxation through the use of muted coloured props.

.... one for next time! It’s still a great image.

Thank you. Ill take that one ;-)


To this! Eco pod using layers, Transform tool and opacity, to create the pod shape.