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I'll be talking about our HEFCE funded PULSE project at tomorrow with @Lawrie - bring your web enabled devices.

Student Loans

Of interest - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-40511184

Very topical in the current climate where politicians are debating the issue of fees. This may be of interest too: http://wonkhe.com/blogs/abolishing-university-tuition-fees-the-pros-and-cons/

Testing the PULSE platform


Discussing "conversational interfaces" and "chatbots" as a way of supporting frictionless adoption paths.

Anders from Aula is talking about "Navigating the Post-LMS Landscape"

Developing Next Generation Digital Learning Environments.

Today I am working with @Jisc to run a developers day to explore the potential of interconnecting digital spaces as part of the "Next Generation Digital Learning Environments" work that Jisc is undertaking.

This developer day is in partnership with @leedsbeckett university's HEFCE funded project PULSE, https://pulse.withknown.com/pages/about.

PULSE (Personalised User Learning & Social Environment) explores the extent to which it is possible and desirable to connect together online social spaces with online learning spaces. Using @withknown as a platform through which to connect social spaces and institutional learning spaces this work aims to create a hub with a focus on being able to "post once, publish to many".

In addition this project seeks to examine the extent to which we can begin to "flip" the data ownership model. In the case of PULSE the data & content which students contribute to this space is owned by them. They can export it and delete it whenever they wish from within the platform. In this sense the platform is "institutionally provided" but "student owned".

The developer day seeks to engage with Jisc's network and explore the ways in which we can connect existing spaces using, API's, RSS feeds and webhooks etc.

This is the start of a much longer journey, one where we begin to disrupt the ownership model of educational technology, and develop a more personal approach to online learning environments.