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Digitally Supported Curriculum Design #altc

Listen to the short audio file above or subscribe to the “peacast” via any of the services here: https://anchor.fm/digisim  

A New Path (aka New Job).

OK - the rumours are true, I'm starting a new job in July at the University of Liverpool. Read for more details.


d5.2 profesional skills

click on the link it should take you to the video on youtube


latest Vlog.

bit of a delay sorry Robin.

took me a while to work out how to upload a voice recording in to Photoshop timeline

I've learnt that photoshop works for me better than other video software.

That is now I've learnt how to add media and blend and how to record my voice on an app of my phone and upload via airdrop share.

I'm still finding the 9+ hours to up load via you tube a barrier. After trying the upload though university servers, I have discovered that home upload is better as at least there is an overnight option.

There will be a quicker and more convenient way i'm sure!?

Thanks Jayne, this concertina design looks very promising. Looking forward to seeing how you intend to mold it from +ve, -ve or both.

Yes, this does sound like a very troublesome and time consuming process.


Massive day working with Fusion 360.

Communicating design through software.

Lets hope the 12 hour + day producing this works in the CNC machine to produce a successful mould.


using a favourite disposable coffee cup design to test if an alternative opening would avoid the need for a separate lid. It does! :-)

however it would prevent the cup from being stackable.

I am hoping that the smash able concertina design will allow for easy storage in the coffee shop.

My first Vlog

click on the URL link and it does take you through to the video of Kristen and myself planning our brief.

we chose messenger as a way of communicating as we were both working hard but away from uni.