Potential impacts of this project on students is an increased sense of autonomy over their digital learning environments, a sense of ownership of the space and acknowledgment that this digital space can be both social and educational and can go with them when they graduate.

At the end of this project students should be able to:

  • Recognise the value and importance in establishing their own digital spaces (socially & professionally)
  • Demonstrate the ability to connect their space with other digital tools and services through API’s.
  • Manage their digital space with consideration for their digital identity.
  • Demonstrate an aptitude in making informed decisions about the sharing of data and information within private and public spaces.
  • Students will be involved with the development and implementation of this PULSE from the outset of the project. It is intended that student membership is a core component of the project steering group and that wider student representation is sought throughout all stages of the project. Not only will they assist in the suggested uses of the PULSE, but also provide a critical voice to its implementation.

Staff and students will be equal partners in this project, both being new to the concept, technology and associated pedagogies and to that end we encourage you all to share your experiences and provide feedback as often as possible. It is critical that we engage our staff & students in this process, as it is redefining the ownership and engagement model, with an emphasis on student owned spaces as opposed to institutionally owned.

If users require any support or would like to get involved please get in touch with the Centre for Learning & Teaching at the email address below (be sure to include the word PULSE in your subject line so that your request can be directed to the correct person).

Information or Support: